Events here at A Grace Place are always spectacular. We often have in-house events to allow the staff and clients to have fun while strengthening their bond with each other. These events include our annual Dance-A-Thon, our monthly agency events, and our annual signature event.

We also have external events that are hosted or held at another party’s location. Our community and corporate events help raise awareness of our mission and bring the community together to help our clients continue to be active within their communities. Events can range from jeans day to black-tie galas. Some commonly held community events include:

• Bake Sales
• Office Dress Down Days
• Comedy Nights
• Fashion Shows
• Golf Tournaments
• Black-tie Galas

Get creative with the type of fundraiser you would like to host! If you are interested in organizing an event or sponsoring a particular program or client, please contact us by email at

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Diversity: We honor, respect and celebrate each other’s differences.